Pattrn – The Ever Changing Patterned Wallpapers


My Review: [rating=5]

I love live wallpapers – the constantly changing backgrounds, but then I found Pattrn. Pattrn is a great app that you can pick pattern after pattern you love then you can have your background change right that moment, every day, or every week. I love waking up each morning to a new wallpaper.

 Getting Started

Pattrn Screen Shot 2

When you open up Pattrn you will be introduced to the latest patterns that were created on the website ColourLovers. You can browse the newest patterns, the most popular patterns, or you can do a search.

Pattrn Screen Shot 1

When you open up the pattern you can see it in full view. You can click the star to add it to your favorites, you can share it with friends, save it, view it on the web, or you can set it as your wallpaper right away.

Pattrn Screen Shot 4

If you click the bottom bar it will pop up information about the pattern including how many loves it has on ColourLovers, how many views, how many comments, and what colors were used to make the pattern. If you click one of the colors you can see other patterns with that color in it.

Pattrn Screen Shot 3

You can save your searches by clicking the star on the top right and it will show up on the left menu. I have found that I really like the patterns that were created by RosaLie409 so I have her name “rosa” as a search. I also love unicorns so I keep that in my saved searches also to go back to every so often. The only bad thing about the searches is that they are oldest to newest so you have to really scroll to get to the newest patterns.

Pattrn Screen Shot 5

Once you have collected some patterns in your favorites you can go into the settings to set up your wallpapers. You can chose how often the pattern changes: Every Day, Every Monday, or Never. You can then tell Pattern where to get the wallpapers for you: Your Favorites, Most Popular, or Surprise Me!

The Good: Thousands of beautiful wallpapers to chose from and there are always more being added
The Bad: This isn’t a live wallpaper so it doesn’t move or change before your eyes. The search does not show the newest items on the top.

[pb-app-box pname=’org.lucasr.pattrn’ name=’pattrn’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

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