Pepper Scraps: A Change in Direction?

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Life has changed so much for me in the last year and a half. And as my life has changed so has Pepper Scraps. Have you noticed?

A New Focus in Life

Something that I have found myself getting passionate about is helping other Mom’s to become healthier and in turn hopefully helping their families to become healthier. Do you remember my graphic:

One thing missing, that I haven’t seen, is encouragement to moms that even small changes can make the biggest differences. I believe in limiting foods, not eliminating foods.

A New Focus at Pepper Scraps?

As I get more passionate about health and wellness for women and families I find that is all I talk about on Pepper Scraps. So now I’m trying to decide if I should change my focus on Pepper Scraps. But I want your input as my readers:

Should Pepper Scraps change it’s focus to healthy moms and healthy families? free polls 

Please leave your thoughts and ideas for Pepper Scraps in the comments! I really am making this site for you!

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  1. Jenny