I have been fighting a hard battle with my Meal Planning. I hate meal planning, I bang my head on the computer as I sit and try to get the thing together. I’ve just started using Plan to Eat which has helped. I like that I can pull in recipes from anywhere online and that I can add my own recipes. I can also keep track of my calories and other nutrition as I’m planning which is a huge plus when you are on a strict diet!

Do you use a system?

In the past I have tried super simple set ups of having the same 14 recipes and just repeating them every 2 weeks but I love variety and trying new things. I got bored fast! I don’t think I even made it a month with this system.

I have tried the whole just have a base menu where you always have Mexican on Mondays, Pizza on Fridays, Crock Pot meals on Sundays, etc. That worked for me for a while, but with a constantly changing schedule this just wasn’t working anymore.

Then I found Plan to Eat!

I can just look through my cookbook and drag and drop my recipes where I want to schedule them. This is also great when something comes up (aka I forgot to pick something up at the store or pull the meat out of the freezer), I can just take what I had planned for the day and put it on another day.

Let’s Share

I decided that I would start sharing my meal plans with you. I hope this will help you with some inspiration for your menu plan, especially if you are trying to eat healthier. I do my meal plans on Sundays so every Monday you can come by and get some ideas. So expect to see some new not so perfect recipes from me and see a meal plan next Monday.

I want to hear from you when do you plan your meals?

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