How to Make Frozen Rainbow Yogurt Drops

How to Make Frozen Rainbow Yogurt Drops

I’ve seen these frozen yogurt drops for years on Pinterest. I was very excited when I got to try Tillamook Light Yogurt because I knew I would have to make the healthiest frozen yogurt drops on the block! Not only that but with all the fun flavors I was able to make Rainbow Frozen Yogurt Drops!



How to make Frozen Rainbow Yogurt Drops

I first picked out my yogurts by color (just as I did with the Rainbow Yogurt Parfait).


You will need:

  • A plastic bag for each color
  • scissors
  • spoon
  • cookie sheet
  • plastic wrap


Fill your bag with yogurt and cut the corner out of the bag.


Cover your cookie sheet with plastic wrap.

Squeeze small dollops of yogurt on the cookie sheet.


The yogurt holds it shape pretty well.


You don’t have to do rainbow but it makes it even more fun!


Place them in the freezer to flash freeze – they take an hour or two at the most to freeze.


Beware of sneaky little boys who may try and grab up your left over yogurt!


When they are frozen just peel them off the saran wrap (quickly) and place in the freezer to enjoy anytime!


What is your favorite way of eating yogurt?

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