Photo Fridays: #photoadaymay

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I’m so proud of myself, this month I took on the #photoadaymay challenge by Fatmumslim – And I made it through the whole challenge! Here are my photos, want to join me for #photoadayjune?

Here was the challenge:

Things I learned during this challenge:

  • Sometimes I missed a tag or two
  • It makes it easier to tag what the challenge was for the day
  • is a great way to go back through your photos
  • I actually missed one day #someone who inspires me, but I actually had a photo of me visiting my mom and I thought that was fitting. Not a picture of my mom, but I think it works
  • Inspiration is all around you, you just have to be creative
  • Photos of even the silliest, smallest things bring back wonderful memories
  • That I want to do this again next month!

Do you want to join me for #photoadayjune?