Last week Zane spied my camera and asked, “Can I take a picture of you Mommy?” I smiled, we had his first picture shoot a month or so ago and he did pretty good, though most pictures had a finger in them.

You may be afraid to hand over your camera to your toddler, but I just make sure to be a arms length away and make sure he knows he has to have the strap around his neck. You may also be concerned with the photos that result, even if it is your husband or a friend who has your camera.

Just make sure you know your best side, what way to stand, try and make sure you are looking up at the camera if possible. If you are working with a child this last one might be hard. I sat on the ground so Zane could get good angled photos of me.

Don’t be surprised if the new photographer gets a few bad shots, that is one of the great things about digital photography. Tell them to keep taking pictures and encourage lots of photos. They will get a few keepers!

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Join Project 52: Self Portraits

Project 52 self portraitsLynda (from Daily Window) and I are not going to be putting up the linky anymore, but still want to invite you to participate in this project with us. I hope you will join us!

If you want to use the Project 52 badge feel free and grab it and use it on your post. You don’t have to do every week with us you can post just once even and you don’t have to follow the weekly theme either. We just hope that you will join us for some fun.

This is the challenge take a photo of yourself!

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