Project 52 – self portraits

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I was browsing and was reading about lynda doing Project 52. I was ready to jump in, so I contact lovely Lynda and we are going to challenge each other to take 52 self portraits this year. Are you up to the challenge? I am.

This week I took some of my first photos of myself in months. I played with some editing in Photoshop (for the first time) and I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

Now you may be hesitating thinking that you hate photos of yourself but stop right there and read my post about Looking Beyond the Photo. I have more than enough excuses why to not do this (one being gaining 50 lbs this year) but I have one (okay two) reason to do it, my boys.

Lynda will be putting up the linky later today with this weeks challenge!

Project 52 self portraits

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