Project 52: Social Good Day 2011

I know you might be thinking, this isn’t Monday so why Project 52? Today is Social Good Day 2011, “Can social media be used to make the world a better place?” I won’t be able to make it to a meetup, but I wanted to use this event to encourage you, my reader to consider how you can use social media to make a difference.

Are you wondering how social media, supporting a cause and Project 52 connect? Project 52 is all about photography and self portraits. But what is the best self portrait then sharing something you are passionate about supporting?

What cause do you support? What cause breaks your heart and you want to support?

Great Example: Teresa Berg Photography

Teresa is a great example of how you can use your skills to help others. She was passionate about saving dogs from being euthanized. She saw how she could use her skills in photography could save these dogs!

Find your Passion

Find your passion and find how you can use your skills to help your cause. Are you a blogger? Write about the cause you are passionate about. Do you know social media? Share, tweet, and more all about the cause you want others to know about. Are you a photographer that loves animals? Take Teresa’s class to learn how to photograph animals for a local animal rescue.

My Current Cause: Direct Relief

My Current Cause: Girls Matter

On any given day, over 200,000 children inside the United States are at high risk for sexual exploitation, including prostitution, pornography, and stripping. Ninety percent of these children are American citizens. A child’s average age of entry into the U.S. sex industry is 12, with children as young as 10 being not uncommon.

OATH (Oregonians Against Trafficked Humans)

This is the challenge find your passion & use your skills to help the cause!

Do you have a cause that you are passionate about? What do you do to support your cause?

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