Pros & Cons Of being a girl named Pepper

Baby Pepper.226

Pepper, like salt & pepper. I say this 90% of the time I get on the phone. You know it’s bad when you have a whole spiel just for people to understand what your name is. If I don’t say my little phrase then I get to be called Heather (or the worst name: Tipper) through the whole conversation. Some days I don’t correct them.

When I do get them to get my name I still have people ask me how to spell it! Do you think they really don’t know how to spell pepper? Or do they think there could be some special way to spell pepper?

I do have to say now I love having a unique name.

As a grade schooler I hated it, but who really liked their name in grade school. I think even the ten Jenny’s in my class had to hate their name at some point. Probably when they had to go by Jenny A, Jenny B, and Jenny C and they still couldn’t figure out who the teacher was calling. In junior high my name gave me some status when everyone was into things that made them unique. And now, as an adult, everyone who I meet says, “Oh, I like that” when they hear my name. You know Jenny B doesn’t get that.


  1. Dan
  2. Pepper
  3. Pepper
  4. Pepper S.
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