I’m hoping that soon there will be rainbows on the horizon soon in our lives. We are living in a storm of problems this last few weeks yet at the same time there are some really amazing and great things happening too. And when you add rain and sunshine together you get rainbows.

The boys are testing my mommy skills and I’m getting to my limit. If Zarek is not throwing up on me or I’m not changing a icky diaper, Zane is having alergic reactions to who knows what having us run to the ER. And I think he must like the ER because he decided this morning to eat 1/2 box of benadryl.

It was mommy’s fault for leaving the benadryl out but I’m also running on almost no sleep. Saturday night (1:30am) Zane awoke just inconsolable.  In the next half hour we were rushing him to the ER with head to toe hives. You know it’s bad when the nurse tells you if he starts having breathing or swallowing pull over and have an ambulance take him the rest of the way.

We stayed at the hospital till 4 or 5am got a shot of steroids and some benedryl. We got home and I stayed up with Zane to watch him and make sure he didn’t scratch. But after staying up I just couldn’t get myself to go to bed. So I got a whole 1 1/2 hours of sleep on Saturday and Sunday.

And it didn’t stop with the weekend. Monday I screwed up not looking at my schedule. I was just too tired Sunday night and I’m always scheduled at 10am.  Nope I was scheduled for 8:30am.Which threw off my whole day.

I have a family member who has been arrested for some nasty stuff. So glad that we rarely saw them anyways, maybe once a year. But it’s been hard just wrapping my mind around the whole thing.

On the good news though business is really picking up for me on my graphic design jobs. It’s been amazing some of the great jobs that have been coming in. I’m going to be having a huge site reveal in the next few days which is very exciting.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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