Going to church has been a part of my life and my husband’s life as far back as we can remember. I have early recollections of the little church tucked into the trees away from the main road in town. I remember playing with kids there and having my photo taken and “sewing” yarn onto a frame that said “Jesus Loves Me”. My mom still has that picture and frame in her keepsakes.

But things got hard after graduating high school. My dreams were squashed by many things in my life and my faith started to fade into all the pain. This too also happened with my husband. He needed a break from the church and so I took a break with him.

But now we are taking extra steps to commit ourselves to a new church. At first it was hard and we struggled with it. We had trouble finding a church that we fit into. But last year everything finally came together. We found our new church. We have made a commitment to go every week. I teach in the childrens’ church every other week. I go to bible study every week. We have actually become members of the church.

For my husband this is a struggle to learn what it is to be a “member” of a church. His mother was a pastor but of a tiny little church that never grew to having official membership. And when she was not pastoring the tiny church then they were hopping from one church to another. But this is something that he needs in his life to help him through some of struggles in life. This is something we both need in our lives.

Have you made a commitment to go church regularly? Do you struggle with it? What helps you make sure you get there every week?

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

Hi I'm Pepper. My family and I are sharing pieces of our lives.
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