GelaSkins Giveaway

GelaSkins offered us something special and I’m going to share it with you! We are receiving a GelaSkin to review and to give away.

I was first attracted by Gelaskins because of the beautiful artwork that they offer for amazing sleek skins that are easy to apply and come off clean. I then read more about their company and I love that when I purchase a Skin that a portion of the money goes to the artists themselves.

You really have to check out their product and see the dozens of devices that they can create skins for!

But now it’s time for you to help me!

Which Skin Should I Pick?

I need help deciding which GelaSkin I’m going to get for my Nexus 7. There are just too many choices!

Choice 1: The Enamored Owl by Alberto Cerriteno

Okay I currently have a thing for owls and I absolutely love this little guy. The warm elegant tones, the little heart. Alberto Cerriteno’s style is just elegant and I love it!

Choice 2: Winona by Julie Comstock

Just a simple elegant pattern, with a touch of shabby chic. This GelaSkin would be timeless.

Choice 3: Sleepy Owl by Jeremiah Ketner

Yep another owl, but Jeremiah Ketner’s style is completely different that Alberto Cerriteno. I love the bright clean colors and the smooth style of this piece. The more I look at it the more I love it.

Choice 4: Unicorn by Lora Zombie

This one I’m torn on, I love unicorns, but Lora Zombie’s style is a bit urban for me. I would love to have a Unicorn on my Nexus 7 but I’m not sure if this is really me.

Choice 5: Custom Design/Family Photo

Yes that’s right you can actually use any photo or custom graphic to create a custom GelaSkin for your Device! I’m considering a photo of my family. I’m looking at this one in black & white.


Your Turn Win Your Own GelaSkin!

Gelaskin offered us a chance to give you a Gelaskin of your very own.

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