Juicies USB Cords Review

Juicies sent us 4 micro USB cords & 1 USB extension to try out for our family. I got pink, TJ got blue, Zane got red, and Zarek got green.


The Battle

A constant battle is being fought in our house. Who took the charger and where did it get put. Zane has a habit of stealing cords to charge his tablet and then you will have no idea where it will be because he like to find nooks and crannies in the house to play games. Then TJ and I are battling over cords as we climb into bed as we realize we are missing one or two.

Juicies USB Color Coded Cords

The Solution

Then I saw Juicies cords and I knew we found our solution. Color coding our family was something I learned pretty quickly once Zarek started walking. Zarek gets the green cups, Zane gets the red cups. Zarek gets the green plate, Zane gets the red plate. Now we have a green cord for Zarek and a red cord for Zane, perfect!

The solution was better than I could believe as I was plugging in Zane’s tablet with my pink cord he started telling me “No I want the red cord”.


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