Motorola Moto X Review An Awesome Dad Gift

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Summary: AT&T sent us the the Motorola Moto X to review. An awesome fun for dad that he will love. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for you tech loving dad check out the Motorola Moto X.


  • Voice commands
  • Customizable
  • Feels great


  • Limited availability

The Android Dad’s Review:

I have been using the Motorola Moto X for the last few weeks.  Having spent time with this phone I am in love with it.  Motorola has made what may be the best phone on the market today.  There is nothing about this phone that I did not like.

Your Voice, Your Commands

The Moto X has the ability to be always listening for voice commands even when the phone is asleep.  Simply saying the phrase “OK google now” will launch the voice commands capabilities of the phone.  Unlike some other phones on the market that use hot words to start voice commands the Moto X learns its users voice so others can not launch the voice commands.

Your Style, Your Phone

When you order a Moto X you have the option of going to Motorola’s Moto Maker website and building a custom phone that is unique to you.  With thousands of possible combinations the Moto X can show your style like no other phone.

In Your Hand

Ergonomically the Moto x just feels good in your hands.  I had never given thought to how a phone really felt when I was holding it before.  The first thing I noticed when I picked up the Moto X was that it just felt good to hold.

AT&T is Connected to Moto Maker

The only bad thing I can say about this phone is that not all of the cell carriers currently support the Moto Maker website for custom phones. But AT&T is connected so i you want to personalize it the way you want it check them out.

A Note From the Android Mom

After seeing TJ’s review I know that this would make a great gift for any tech Dad. If your husband or your Dad likes the best in technology and you are considering getting a phone I would check out the Moto X.

Conclusion: Awesome Dad Phone

Over all I loved this phone.  I highly recommend it for anyone looking to buy a new device.  I happily give the Moto X five stars.


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