Summary: AT&T Mobile sent us the Samsung Galaxy 16MP Camera to review.  This a great camera for quick events where you want to share photos right away.


  • Instantly upload your images anywhere you are to social media or back up
  • Download hundreds of photo apps from the Google Play Store
  • Check your social media channels with your camera


  • Battery barely lasts the day
  • Have to charge it before each event
  • Have to pay for service (Is this a con?)

The Android Moms Review:


Photo Quality

The photos were not as high quality as my DSLR, but I did get some great pictures. Especially when we went to the circus.

My DSLR would have taken some time for me to get just the right settings for the lit up arena, but with the Samsung Galaxy Camera has about 19 camera modes and the party mode was perfect. Or if you are camera savvy you can use manual mode to set up your shots just as you want. Even my HTC one couldn’t get the shots that the Galaxy Camera was.

Edit right on your phone

One thing I liked was I was able to edit my pictures right away on my phone. I have lots of apps that I use to edit my camera photos (Top 8 Photo Apps) and I quickly downloaded those onto the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

If you take lots of photos, like me, you tend to find one of the most tedious chores is uploading your photos to your computer to edit. With the Samsung Galaxy camera I could just pull my photos up and edit.

The large screen really helped in the editing process too.

Share Right Away

I absolutely loved that I could instantly share my photos. The Samsung Galaxy Camera has 4g built right in or you can connect to an available wifi service. So you are able to share your photos instantly on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even email them to friends and family.

I just had a friend go on a trip and I think this would have been an awesome camera for a trip. When she got back from Alaska she had over 500 pictures to go through and share. Could you imagine with the Galaxy Camera she could have instantly shared those photos! Everyone would have seen the trip as it was happening and she would have had one less chore when she got home!

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Battery Life

I was a little disappointed in the battery life on the Galaxy Camera. When we went to Comic Con I took the Samsung Galaxy Camera and the battery barely lasted the full day. I didn’t use it that often and I stopped using it halfway through the day when I saw the battery getting low.

You would think one solution would be to turn the camera on only when you wanted to use it, but it takes a about a minute to turn on. Just like a phone, so you may not have time to catch your shot.

So this camera isn’t great for full day events. Also you need to make sure that you remember to charge it before any special events to make sure your battery will be full.


Part of me loved the Samsung Galaxy Camera and part of me was disappointed. I love that I can instantly share amazing photos to my social media outlets but on the other hand the battery life was very disappointing. I think if you have the budget to buy a little more expensive camera, you take lots of photos, and love sharing your photos this is a good option for you. Since I love sharing my photos on social media I will probably have this camera on my Christmas List.

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