How to Make a Healthy Breakfast Sundae Bar

Tillamook sent us some of their yummy yogurt so we could share this awesome healthy breakfast idea with you. This healthy recipe is great for breakfast or for a fun healthy snack!

Healthy Breakfast Sundae Bar

I love to teach my kids that food can be healthy and fun by doing fun little activities like making this great healthy breakfast sundae bar. Just pick out some great healthy ingredients and let your kids have fun creating their own treat!

This is also a great way of having them try something new. Have them pick out something they have never tried before to add!

Gather up Your Ingredients

Tillamook Yogurt Sundaes_1

For toppings we had raspberries, strawberries, granola and chocolate chips. We also had a no sugar added strawberry jam and sugar free chocolate sauce. You could really use anything you have on hand. Think about offering cereal, chopped up apple, grapes, or raisins.

Tillamook Yogurt Sundaes_2

I gave each boy a  half banana to build on. Then they got to pick the yogurt they wanted. Zane picked Boysenberry and Zarek picked Light Strawberry.

Tillamook Yogurt Sundaes_3

I only poured about half the container on the banana. You could just pick the flavor for your kids and split up the yogurt how you need so you don’t waste any. Or if you have extra yogurt you should try making Frozen Yogurt Drops for a treat for another day.

Tillamook Yogurt Sundaes_5

The boys then chose either strawberry jam or chocolate sauce and I poured it over their yogurt for them. Then came the fun part – adding the toppings!

Tillamook Yogurt Sundaes_7

Tillamook Yogurt Sundaes_11

The boys loved being in charge of what they could add to their sundaes and each made their own crazy concoctions! They tested out the granola as it is something they have never tried before and found that they really liked it.

Tillamook Yogurt Sundaes_8

Tillamook Yogurt Sundaes_9

Zane’s Sundae was called Shark Strawberry Banilla Sundae. With chocolate syrup, strawberries, chocolate chips, and granola all piled on his Boysenberry Yogurt!

Tillamook Yogurt Sundaes_12

Tillamook Yogurt Sundaes_13

Zarek wanted to name his Sundae Cherry, but I pointed out there was no cherries in it. So we named it the Not so Very Cherry Sundae. It had strawberry jam, raspberries, granola, strawberries and just a few chocolate chips.

Tillamook Yogurt Sundaes_14

This was definitely a yummy & healthy breakfast for a great day!

If you haven’t seen the review Zane & Zarek did of Tillamook Light Yogurt you have to see it! They will tell you exactly what they think of Tillamook’s Light Yogurt – one of our staples in our house now.

What would you have added to your Healthy Breakfast Sundae?

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