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You walk up to the fridge and you stare at the door. You know you are not hungry but are eating emotionally or just eating out of boredom? Either way it’s hard to turn away.

The fridge is talking to you, your stomach is talking to you, your mind is urging you on with it’s usually lies. “It’s just a little snack”, “You can try again tomorrow”, or even “You deserve a little treat.” Whatever the excuse you need something to help you turn around!

Do This Instead of Snacking

That’s one reason I created my “Do This Instead of Snacking” List. I posted this list on my fridge. I found things that keep me busy, keep my hands busy, and help pass the time.

I have two sides on my list. One side is things to keep me busy for boredom snacking and the other side is for things I can do to make sure I’m hungry.

My List

Want a blank version for your own list?

Click for FREE Do this Instead of Snacking PRINTABLE

Click for FREE Blank Do this Instead of Snacking PRINTABLE

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Pepper Ferguson

Hi I'm Pepper. My family and I are sharing pieces of our lives.
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