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  • Self Hosted WP vs WP.com – I am a huge wordpress supporter and if you are considering your options in platforms check this out. I only charge $20/year for hosting and you can find a domain for $8.  If you need wp installed for you. You can still get a great blog for under $50.
  • 20 Tips for Finding your Routine w/ kids – This is a good read, especially if you are a Mommy like me. These are great tips to finding a routine for you and for your kids.
  • Washcloth Bunnies – I scaled down my bunny collection this year as I put up my easter collections before Zarek’s party. And I still got “holy bunny” comments. Hmm, but I still think I need to make these! LOL
  • Praying by Name – I have to say the first time I really experienced someone wanting to pray for me right there and then was this year at Bible Study. And I have to say it is a wonderful experience and I hope that I can make a point of doing this with others.
  • Free Printable ABC Invitations – I love, love her idea for the homemade crayons for goodie bags!

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