Every sunday I share with you some of my favorite posts from my week of surfing. This week I’m going to show off some good vlogging I have found while surfing this week. I’m really getting into vlogging and these have gotten me really excited about it, even more.

  • The Hardest Thing about Parenting – I so feel for Laura because we were just there last week, and still dealing with a bit of runny nose. But it is sooo hard! Lack of sleep is slowly killing me, we have to find somehting to help Zane sleep better.
  • Get your vlog on – Okay Lua got me really excited about trying to play with editing a video. I’ve never done it before and wasn’t interested, but all I had seen was the cheesy little things people do here and there. But hers was great!
  • SayitFacetoFace – I know this isn’t a post but I wanted to share some vlogging resources too. This is a great community to get started in and getting comfortable with vlogging.
  • Simple Vlogging Tips – If you are wanting to start trying to vlog too check out Jendi’s site and get some great tips.
  • Mom Vloggers Club – This is just one of the vlogger communities I have found, I would love it if you would share some you have found!

Share some of your favorite finds this week too! It’s really easy to participate. Just grab the button above or just link to this post somewhere in your post. List a few links to a few posts that you loved this week and then add yourself to the linky below. You can participate at any time during the week too!

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