Super Surfing Sunday

Every sunday I share with you some of my favorite posts from my week of surfing.

If you would like to join in it’s not that hard at all:

1. Pick anywhere from 3-10 of your favorite posts that you read this week. Link them up in your post.

2. Link to Pepper Scraps with this button:


3. Leave the link to your post in the comments. (If I get enough people involved I will add a Linky Tool.)

And here is my list this week:

  • The Power of Not Giving Up – One Blogger’s Story – Great guest post over at (Happy Birthday!). I am constantly struggling with my blogging and the feeling like I’m failing. But this blog is just for me so I don’t stress numbers, but my new blog I’m feeling uninspired and unappreciated. This post gave me a little boost in motivation. Just keep trying.
  • Colored Pencils Shelf – Just a wonderful project idea! Imagine the possibilities!
  • Embroidered Christmas Cards – What a creative idea – at first I thought they had actually did all those by hand. LOL
  • Jelly Cuffs – I love these I need to make a run to dollar tree now and you have to see what this wonderful lady can do with zip ties!!

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