Super Surfing Sundays are all about the great posts I have seen this week. Which it is the holiday season so that means lots of crafting for me. So you will notice most of my surfing this week is all about crafts.

  • Reusing Lightbulbs: as planters or terrariums – This is a neat idea. Might be an interesting present for someone who is on your Christmas list who is a green freak.
  • More Tips for Making Holiday Baking Easier – Here’s some great tips on Christmas baking. Especially useful for me since I am hosting a cookie swap this year. Yeah lots of cookies.
  • Pocket Advent Calendar – I have this obsession with advent calendars. I love them and I think this is the neatest idea. I may make them for my husbands co-workers.
  • Magnetic Advent Calendars – Talking about advent calendars here is another great one. I may try and put this together for the Zaney boy. Easy and fun!
  • Tiered Bowl – Today my husband and I are going to be decorating. This is a neat idea and I think it would make a really neat candy dish and a great centerpiece!
  • Make a Placemat Advent Calendar – I told you I had an obsession with advent calendars. This is a fun one I only wish I had a working sewing machine because it only costs $2.75 to make. I could fit that into my budget. I may make it and hand stitch it.

Have you seen anything great this week? Now it’s your turn, what were some of your favorite posts this week?

More Tips for Making Holiday Baking Easier

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