SSS is a fun little post that I do each Sunday where I share some of my favorite finds of the week. These are some of my favorite posts that I have found as I surfed this week. Sorry this is belated, LOL forgot to hit publish. I think I need more sleep.

  • Round up: Chalkboard Ideas – Hmm, love this table. What great ways to use chalk board paint. And I love that you can make your own colors with Martha Stewarts tutorial.
  • Felt Food Round Up – I have had this obsession with felt items of late and really want to clean of my scrapbook table so I can pull out my little sewing machine and create! Oo, have to do this for the boys easter baskets.
  • Felt Egg Carton – Speaking of Easter I sometimes have friends over for easter egg dying. These would be awesome for them to take their eggs home. O, if only I had the time, but I may do them for Zane and Zarek.
  • I’m Not on My Own – A great post about marriage. This is so true. And I have to say I hate when those thoughts come into your head into your marriage that start with “if only…”

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