Super Surfing Sunday

Happy New Year my lovely readers!! So as the new year is here I have decided to change up Super Surfing Sunday. I think that I will do more of a focus on one great post than post multiple links. Plus I may add some more commentary about the post that I enjoyed reading.

How it Works

If you would like to join in it’s not that hard at all:

1. Pick one favorite post that you read this week. Link them up and maybe talk about why you liked there post so much.

2. Link to Pepper Scraps with this button:


3. Leave the link to your post in the comments. (If I get enough people involved I will add a Linky Tool.)

My Favorite Post This Week

Letter Lessons Recap 2010

Kari is one of my friends from church and I love her blog. Every time she writes I am just filled with inspiration. Just today I was scolding myself for not doing more preschool stuff with Zane as I had hoped this last year. Now I am inspired and excited about the prospects of these lessons. Bible Lessons are also one area I have been struggling with. Most lessons I have found online are really sporadic and hard to find and when you do find one it’s either too simple or too hard.

I’m very excited she might send me her letter lessons!

What’s funny is the last two months I have been meaning to ask her about Bible verse memorization she does with her son. She has shown off some of the fun “actions” she adds to the verses to help her son memorize them when she has spoken at Bible Study and they look like so much fun.

Your Turn

Did you share one of your favorite posts this week on your blog? Or do you know of an awesome post that you want to just share? Feel free and post it in the comments I would love to read it!

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