Super Surfing Sundays are all about the great posts I have seen this week. Have you seen anything great this week please share with me!

  • Uncovering the Beauty – The First Command – A beautiful post about the first command in Titus 2:4, Love your Husband. I love how she talks about how we were made for him, to complete him and his work.
  • Uncovering the Beauty – Marriage & the Curse – The second part of the above series. “Do you battle with your own desire to control your husband and resistance to the idea of being his helper?” I have been working on this and it has been a struggle. But I have found I do not want to be my husband’s mother and I do not want to be in charge of what he does. Letting go of this has been so freeing in so many ways.
  • Sweet Crafty Creations Autumn Wreaths – We are going to have to do these! I would love to hang them up in our house. And Zane would love collecting the leaves and the glue!!
  • Do you remember… – I’m thinking about doing this for Zane and Zarek for stocking stuffers.
  • Cakes of My Youth: Pistachio Pudding Cake – I so want to make this cake, I love pistachio pudding so this looks yummy! I will have to make it for a party or something because of my picky husband.
  • Inspirational Word Art – I so want to do this roject now. I may look around my house for some change and go to the dollar tree. I haven’t seen the canvases there, I’m hoping I may if I really look for one.

Do you have any posts that you loved this last week? Do you post your faves on your blog? If you are interested in joining me with Super Sunday Surfing leave a comment with your link!!

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