Swagbucks: A Little Extra for Christmas

Search & Win

This year I decided to try out Swagbucks. I had heard a lot of buzz from many bloggers on how they use it to get a little extra for Christmas and now I know.

It Works!!

What I Have Earned?

I have been using it since last spring, I have no referrals and use it only occasionally and have gotten $25 in Amazon Gift Cards. A lot of ladies out there spend a little time getting some referrals and dig for codes and make even more.

How Will I Use my $25?

If you have been here before you know I love doing advent calendars for the boys. Last year we bought 24 Hot Wheels for Zane. He received a clue a day to find where the car for the day was hidden. Then Christmas Day was his 1st Lightening McQueen that he loved!

This year I’m going to be getting the Safari Jungle Mega Toob which has 24 Jungle animals for Zarek. Zane will be getting Safari Ltd Knights and Dragon Toob
and Safari Ltd Pirates Toob which have 12 items in each Toob.

My total will be $28.14 for all three items but I will only be paying $3.14! Yay Swagbucks!

How do I do it?

I have Swagbucks set up as the default search engine on my browser (Chrome). You can also go and install a plugin into IE or Firefox. So every time I search I have the chance to win swagbucks. I also have google.com setup as my home page so if I don’t like the results from swagbucks (which happens for me every so often) I click the home button and get my google search page. Very easy!

Google Chrome Plugin Setup:
  1. Right-click the search bar at the top of Chrome and choose “Edit search engines,” then click the “Add” button.
  2. Enter “Swagbucks.com” in the first two fields, and this string — http://www.swagbucks.com/?t=w&p=1&q=%s — in the third field marked “URL.”
  3. Click OK, then highlight the new Swagbucks.com search entry and click the “Make Default” button.
  4. Click close.

Try it Out!

Want to try it out? Click the banner and join today>>

Search & Win

How would/do you use your swagbucks?


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