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Juicies USB Cords Review – Get $5 off

Juicies sent us 4 micro USB cords & 1 USB extension to try out for our family. I got pink, TJ got blue, Zane got red, and Zarek got green. The Battle A constant battle is being fought in our house. Who took the charger and where did it get put. Zane has a habit …

A Craft a Day

A Craft a Day: C is for Colors

Welcome to a Craft a Day. Is this your first time joining us? This week is proof that I’m not supermom, life got in the way and we had to cut our lessons short. This happens sometimes, so don’t beat yourself up if you planned on joining us and didn’t get to. Just dive right back in and enjoy your kids!

If you are new to A Craft a Day

A Craft a Day gives you five activities that you can enjoy with your kids, one for each day of the week.  Most of these activities work well for preschoolers, but you may be able to adapt them for your toddler. If you want to learn more about the basics of A Craft A Day you can find them at a Craft a Day: Coming Back Soon. I will post the crafts on Saturdays so you can use the weekend to get any supplies that you may need. We are making our way through the alphabet this year so if you missed a you can find it here.

Are you Supermom?

Now I’m not supermom and I don’t expect you to be either. We don’t always get to each activity, sometimes life is just too busy. Hopefully you may try one or two of these activities with me and my kids! You don’t have to do every single one. You don’t have to be doing preschool with your child. I just hope to give you a resource for some great fun with your kids!

The Crafts:

  • Coloring Toast – Both of my boys loved this project. Be careful they don’t jab the toast with the brush, good way to teach them to be gentle. We actually made grilled cheese with our bread.

  • Paper Color Wheels – This is also a great project to start helping your preschooler with scissor skills (and it won’t have to be perfectly accurate.

Supplies: bread, milk, food color, ice tray (optional), tissue paper, spray bottle, cardstock, shallow bowl, rice, food color,rubbing alcohol, sandwich bags, kid safe scissors, old newspapers, paper plate, glue

Be Featured

If you do any of these crafts and happen to take a picture or write a blog post about it please make sure and share your link in the comments. Also don’t forget to link the original crafter! I may feature you and your blog  on the following weeks post!


Rainbow Rice

Rainbow Rice is one of my great finds on Pinterest. I saw this project and I knew we were going to have to do it. I had no idea how much better the rice would look in person! Plus Zane loved doing this!

Step 1: Mix some food color with 1T Rubbing alcohol.

Step 2: Add Rice

Step 3: Mix rice so colored evenly

Step 4: Lay rice out on cookie sheet (FYI it is pretty stinky)

Step 5: Once dry dump all the colors together (we had two cookie sheets of colors)

rainbow rice
Step 6: Mix the colors

Now you have Rainbow Rice.

You can do lots of fun things with this, owe will be using it for a project for letter I (hint hint).

I also realized that this could be used for adult crafts too. It would be great for in a vase with flower (probably fake ones). Use the rice to stick your cake pops into and prop them up or hide the Styrofoam that is propping them up.

Any other ideas for uses for this fun and lovely rice?

7 Elements of a Blog Blogging

How Important is Color on Your Website?

Colors are so important in your website design. Color can make all the difference. Colors can change the tone of your site, emotional effect your readers, and colors can make your site unique and stand out!

Find your colors!

When looking at color for your site you should think about creating a color palette. In design and branding you always want to try to make sure you are using only 3-5 main colors. When you start getting over 5 colors things start to become too busy. You also want to make sure that at least one or two of your colors are neutral.

Now if you want to create your own unique palette but don’t know where to start, look around you. Look at some of your favorite clothes, look through your favorite magazines, or look at some of your favorite websites. You may be surprised where you can find inspiration.

If you hire a designer to create your layout make sure to ask for the hex codes for the colors in your site.

If you do not have the colors that are used on your site you can use some different tools to find the colors. If you have a header that has all your colors or take a screen shot of your site ( fullscreen). You can visit PhotoCopa and find your color palette by uploading these images to this great tool.

Use your colors!

Use your colors in everything you possibly can. Change the colors on your google friends widget,  on your blogfrog community, and if their is an option of editing on an item you are putting on your site use it.

Make sure all your buttons match your palette. Use these colors on your twitter page, facebook page and other external social sites. As an example, when your readers go to  your twitter page if you are using the same colors they are going to instantly know this is you! This is where they want to be!


My personal favorite tool is Colour Lovers. This is a great community. You can create your own palettes or you can use pre-made palettes. If you have a color that you know you want to use, you can search for a palette with that color. Another great thing is that people can vote for color palettes, so you are able to see what palettes are popular.

Just while writing this post I found these five great color palettes:





Colors by COLOURlovers

More Resources

Are you ready to go find new colors for your site or for your next design? Trying to find the colors on your current site? Just love color? Here are some great resources:

Color Combos
Color Scheme Designer
Color Schemer

I could keep going but you can see a comprehensive list at Aviva Directory.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Originally posted on my blog at Uniquehorn Designs, but that blog will be closing and moving to PepperScraps.[/box]

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