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Candy Crush Saga Review

My Review: [rating=3] I’m surprised by Candy Crush no matter how stuck I get I always come back. Candy crush has created the perfect storm in social gaming, limited turns, and play. The Game Candy Crush is a basic switch and match game with great graphics and a fun candy theme. There are over a 100 …

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Top 7 Puzzles for Preschoolers

I think every child loves puzzles, Zarek definitely does. I think the fun thing about puzzles is they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and levels. Plus even though your child may think that the puzzle is all about fun they are actually helping them learn: coordination, shape recognition, and problem solving. Here are 7 …

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Nyko PlayPad Pro

Nyko has something in the mail for us and we are very excited to get a chance to review it for you, they are sending us a PlayPad Pro. The PlayPad Pro is a gaming controller that connects with your Android device via bluetooth. Basically it brings the console experience to your Android! The Android …

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Top 13 Android Games for Kids

After finishing this post I realized there is a real theme to the apps that Zane has – he is all boy! Weapons, knights, ninjas, and starwars. You can see the theme that runs in our house. So I will have to do a Top Games for Girls post soon! All of these reviews are …

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Top 12 Android Apps for Preschoolers

With Zane we didn’t do preschool, he really loved learning on his own. Really he still does. Zarek on the other hand is not excited about learning his ABCs. It is funny how each boy is so different. These apps are some that Zane enjoyed and some that I’m trying to use to encourage learning …

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