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Feeling Convicted

It was one of those days. My mother in law was over watching the boys while I worked online.

As usual Zane was trying to play us against each other. Obviously the rules are not as strict when Mommy isn’t at home, but that is another story.

I can be thankful my MIL is great about making sure my word is the last when I am home.

Back to the story.

Zane was crying because I had told him no. And with tears in his eyes he turned around and walked straight into the corner of the counter right into his eye.

Both my MIL and I went straight to him. I held him and cooed at him. My MIL went straight to praying for his booboo.

I felt convicted. I was just at a parents conference and I had even written in my notes to pray for the boys scraps and bruises with them no matter how small and big.

I knew this was a small reminder to me. God’s way of whispering this is important.

What has God whispered to you recently? What has God taught you through your children?


Zane’s First Bible Verse

I had mentioned last week about the great post from Kari that talked about helping your toddlers memorize bible verses. Well I had her email her memorization sheets and here is proof 3 year olds are good bible verse memorizers.

Most Recent Video

Recording my Youth: 9th Grade

This summer I’m participating in a great project over at Mommy’s Piggy Tales. It is all about recording your youth in 15 posts or like me 15 vlogs. This is about 9th grade, boys, more about youthgroup and I totally forgot about mentioning that I got baptized this year. Below the video you


Finding Peace on a Plane

What a great way to find a moment of praise. As I started my flight to Utah, I plugged in my headphones to my Zune, I realized I had forgotten my book in my carry on. And the gentleman sitting on the outside was not the most gracious about letting me squeeze past him to …


Super Surfing Sunday – Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! Hope the Easter Bunny made it to your house. And I hope that you get to celebrate the full true meaning of Easter! I’ve never been one to eliminate the supposed anti-christian things of holidays. Don’t know if this deals with how I was raised. Or that I feel if you know the …

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