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Dessert Healthy Recipes

Frittata Friday: Pumpkin Pie Sweet Frittata

This frittata is really like a single serve fast pumpkin pie! I have to say this has been one of my favorite sweet frittatas yet. It was amazingly light, but satisfies your craving for pumpkin pie. It is like a pumpkin pie in less than 10 minutes! What is also amazing about this frittata is …

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Frittata Friday: Cinnamon Pear Sweet Frittata

I’m trying out sweet frittatas again. Sweet frittatas are a bit of my own creation. If you like custard you will like sweet frittatas. They are a quick and easy sweet treat. You could serve them for breakfast, lunch or even a light dessert. The Cinnamon Pear Sweet Frittata I served to my mother in …

Carrot Cake Protein Bites
Healthy Recipes Snacks

Carrot Cake Protein Bites

Okay you know these are good when your kids start begging you to make more of those carrot cookies. I originally created this recipe for me to put into my bento boxes, but now the boys are addicted! I’m wondering if I could convince them to eat zucchini bread ones. Carrot Cake Protein Bites Ingredients …

Breakfast Healthy Recipes Snacks

Mini Protein Pancakes

Still fighting the morning rush and trying to find some quick and easy breakfasts. That’s when I decided to play around and make mini protein pancakes! This recipe has no flour in it and is filled with natural protein. And guess who liked it! Yep that’s right, Zane loved these little things! Next time I …

Dinner Healthy Recipes

Spicy Turkey Bake in the Crock Pot

This is a very basic but yummy crock pot meal. It may not be lovely, but it tasted great! I serve this with cauliflower rice. Spicy Turkey Bake Ingredients 1 1/4 lb ground turkey 1/4 cup onion chopped 2 large carrots chopped 1/2 cup low-sodium soy sauce 2 tablespoons sweetner of your choice 2-3 tablespoons …

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Rainbow Yogurt Parfait with Toasted Quinoa

One of the fun things that I did with the Tillamook Light Yogurt I got was to create a delicious Rainbow Yogurt Parfait with Toasted Quinoa. I pulled out the different flavors of yogurt I received and picked one flavor for each layer: Pink: Oregon Strawberry Orange: Peach Yellow: Lemon Squeeze Blue: Mountain Huckleberry Purple: Pomegranate Blackberry …

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Spaghetti Squash with Peanut Sauce
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