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Weigh In Wednesday & Daily Vlogs!

Daily Vlogs This summer I’ve decided to do daily vlogs! Make sure you subscribe to my channel & see what we are doing this summer! What happened to the kitchen? If you are new here or to my videos you may not know what’s happening in my kitchen right now! Well our house was having …

Challenges Getting Healthy

Mini Challenge: Count Your Steps

I learned so much from the sugar mini challenge and loved it! So this week we have a new mini challenge! My goal is going to be to try and get 7500 steps in a day. I want to build up to 10,000, but my work is pretty sedentary so I’m working on figuring out how to get …

Challenges Getting Healthy

Mini Challenge: Count Your Sugar

This week I have a mini challenge for you. This is only a one week challenge! Let’s look and see how much sugar we are eating in a day. You don’t have to count exact numbers, but be conscious of what you are eating. The goal is to try and stay under 40 grams of sugar for …

Project 52 self portraits
Family Time Getting Healthy

Project 52: Month 1

You have seen most of these pictures when I announced that I was going to be bring back Project 52: Self Portraits. But each month I will share my review through the project. So you can see the photos that I have taken. Ironically last week I found another blogger talking about feeling too fat …

Getting Healthy

5 Amazing Websites for Losing Weight

No video today. Instead I’m going to be sharing 5 websites I have found that are helping me through my journey. These sites are everything from blogs to communities that have helped me with finding recipes, encouragement, and help me keep going.

My Fitness Pal – I’ve talked about this site before on my videos but this is one of my favorite sites right now. If you join and don’t have friends on the site you are missing out! I have so many great ladies cheering me on with every loss, every good food day, and every time I clock in my exercise! Also on top of that you can keep track of your food and exercise on the site or on their app! It’s just awesome!

Skinnytaste.com – One of my newest finds and one of my favorite. This is a great blog for recipes. She has awesome photos (which I have learned make a big difference to me), good instructions, and the nutrition breakdown (including WW points).

Food.com – Another site you have probably seen on my blog if you have been here very long. I have tried lots of recipe sites but I always go back to Food.com (formally Recipezaar). This site is the best site for photos of the food, for easy to read ingredients and instructions, and for sifting through the 10000s of recipes.

The World According To Eggface – An amazing blog by an amazing lady. Michelle had RNY gastric bypass surgery June 2006 and she writes about post surgery life and shares great recipes.

Pinterest – This last one you may be wondering how it fits with the rest of these sites. But I have to tell you Pinterest has been one of my favorite sites to find recipes, link up to recipes and find encouragement. I can just pop in low carb and can find tons of dinner ideas, then I just pin them to my Yummy board. When I’m making my menu for the week I go back to this board for inspiration. It’s great! (This site is invite only but if you want an invite just post it in my comments.)

Those are five of my favorite websites right now.

To Be Continued

Today I weighed in at 242.4 which means I have 27.6 lbs! I’m feeling it in my clothes a bit and can see it in my torso. I’ve been feeling a lot better also, which is a combination of the weight loss, the good food, the vitamin D & B12, and better sleep. I’m also now starting to add exercise to my routine which I will probably talk about next week. In the next few weeks I also hope to share some favorite recipes. So stayed tuned!

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Do you have an awesome diet, food, or WLS resource? I’d really love it if you would share with us!

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