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Get Active With Your Kids with Animal Action Cards with Free Printable
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Get Active with your Kids with Animal Action Cards FREE Printable!

Get Active With Your Kids with Animal Action Cards with Free Printable

Getting active with your kids is a great way to get a workout, get your kids active, and to have fun with them at the same time! I made these Animal Action Cards years ago when Zane and Zarek was so little! Check out his demonstration below! Now you too can print the cards and play with your kids too!

How To Play

The idea behind this card game is to help you and your kids to get more active. You can play the game in a few different ways.

Version 1: Shuffle the cards, deal out 5 cards laying face down, flip over each card and act out the animal action.

Version 2: Shuffle the cards, set deck face down, flip a card and act out the animal action. Do this until you have made it through each card.

Version 3: Set a timer for how long you want to exercise. Follow the directions for version 2 but when you get to the end of the deck reshuffle and keep going.

>> Print Your Own Animal Action Cards! <<

How do you get active with your kids?

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You Capture | Fun

This weeks theme for You Capture was perfect, I knew exactly when I would get the photos: when we headed to the beach. Of course the rain came, but we quickly saved our plans by deciding to go to the aquarium!


Writer’s Block? Pull Out an Old Draft

I was browsing through my old drafts when I ran across this post I never published. This was written a long time ago, I’m guessing in 2009 or 2010. I almost just deleted it, but then I opened it and smiled at the memories. It also inspired me to talk to you about how going …

Dessert Healthy Recipes

Dinosaur Bone Cookies

I remember making these no bake cookies with my mom when I was little. Of course we just made them we didn’t associate them with Dinosaurs. I loved how Stacie renamed these cookies and gave each ingredient a creative dino twist. You can check out her recipe here: Dinosaur Snacks: Yummy and Icky Treat.

Ingredients: Sugar (crushed bones), Butter (fat), Oatmeal (Dead Grass), Peanut Butter (Dead Bugs), Cocoa (Dirt), & Milk w/Green Food Color (Swamp Water)

dinosaur cookie ingredients

The boys took turns adding ingredients
helping with ingredients

I quickly boiled the sugar, butter, cocoa, and milk

boiling yummy

The boys spooned out the cookies (though halfway I had to take over)

Zane practiced his letters while we waited for them to cool

doing our letters

They loved these cookies! My husband super duper loved them! I was surprised to find each cookie only 128 calories and way worth it!

yummy cookie

Do you have a creative recipe that you do with your kids? Have you seen a cute food recipe you want to do with you kids?

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