TJ has been going on walks every morning and Zane goes with him in his stroller. This morning they went down a path we had just found yesterday.

The path went past a field that we were sure had been sold to a developer like most property in our area. But this morning there were cows in the field.

When they got home Zane came running up to me to tell me about the cows.

Zane: White
Me: Oh did you see white cows?
Zane: All white cows
TJ(in the background): Shakes his head
Me: Did the cows have black spots?
TJ: shakes his head
Zane: White Cows
Me: Were they brown? Brown Cows.
Zane: White Sheep
Me: Did you see white sheep too?
Zane: Yeah sheep
TJ: No there were no sheep

Our silly little boy has a very good imagination. 🙂

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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