Have you ever heard of an Emotional Bank Account? I hadn’t either but when it was explained to me the idea made so much sense.

What is an Emotional Bank Account?

Imagine we all have an Emotional Bank Account filled with emotional energy. We have withdraws when we give time and energy to others or stressful situations. To be able to withdraw from our bank account we need to make deposits. If the account is drained we cannot give to others without overdrawing the account. Which can effect our health, mental health and our ability to be there for our friends and family.

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Self Care

I know self care is important, but this analogy really hit me. The energy I put into myself will then be available to be used for friends, family and stressful moments. You have to make deposits for withdraws, that made so much sense to me. I have hit those moments where I just can’t keep going, I had given out too much of myself. Have you?

Make sure that you don’t forget to put yourself first sometimes. Because if you are not at your best you cannot be there for others.

How to Make Deposits

I highly recommend creating a list of things you can do for yourself to make deposits. Have a self care checklist that you can go to. This can be simple things like:

  • Buying yourself a coffee
  • Taking a nap
  • Take a walk
  • Call a friend and chat

I recently created my list in my bullet journal that way I can reference the list when I need it the most. When you create your list make sure you have it in writing. Sometimes when you need self care the most it’s hard to remember what you can do to give yourself a break.

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