Fastest Chicken Salad

I’m known for quick and easy around the kitchen. I just don’t enjoy cooking. I found a recipe similar to this a while back and now I have my own version that is a staple in my house. Are you ready it’s so quick and easy you will be surprised! Are you ready for the secret ingredient?

Fastest Chicken Salad

That’s right Deli Meat!

4 oz Chicken Deli Meat
2 T Mayonnaise
1 Stalk Celery Chopped
Fresh Cilantro (or another fresh herb you have on hand) chopped
Dried Herbs (rosemary, thyme, dill, anything you want to try)
1 T Lemon Juice

First take your deli meat and slice it up. You can do this roughly when you mix it all up it will break apart even more.

Fastest Chicken Salad

Now throw everything else in the bowl and mix with a fork.

Fastest Chicken Salad

Tada! you have quick and easy chicken salad. Now you can put this in some bread for a sandwich or if you want to go a little healthier you can place it on a bed of lettuce and pair it with some veggies like cucumber.

Fastest Chicken Salad

Do you have a recipe that is super quick and easy? Please share it in the comments, I’m always up for a quick and easy recipe!!

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