LG G Watch Review - A Great SmartWatch for Daily Use

AT&T sent me a LG G Watch R to test out and review for you. I have tried multiple Android Wear devices and the LG G Watch R has become the device I wear on a daily basis. This watch is only available in AT&T Local Stores find yours now!


More than all day battery life
Android Wear
Fitness tracking


Style and build quality

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A SmartWatch that Lasts More Than One Day

The G Watch R has all the same functionality that you would expect from an Android Wear device and tops other devices I have tried with its fantastic battery life. I love that this watch is able to get me through two days on a single charge unlike other devices that I have tried which would only make it a day if I was lucky.

LG G Watch

Great Voice Control

The ability to get messages and control apps on the phone without having to pull the phone out of your pocket sounds like a small advantage but is surprisingly appealing once you try it. The voice control of the device has also been fantastic for me. I am able to start music or send a text message just by speaking.

Easy Fitness Tracking

The other feature I have been greatly enjoying is the fitness tracking available in the watch. I have never gotten into wearing fitness trackers before but I find myself using the functionality in the watch on a daily basis.

More of an Everyday Watch then A Statement Watch

The only critism that I have about the G Watch R is the style and build quality. The watch has a plastic back which to me feels rather low end. In my opinion there are also much better looking Android Wear devices on the market.


In the end I give the LG G Watch R 4 stars rather than 5 because of the plastic back and because I don’t think a smart watch is for everyone. If you wear a watch every day and would like the added functionality of a smartwatch, or if you are a tech enthusiast this is a wonderful device. Bottom line if you want a smartwatch you can’t go wrong with the G Watch R.

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