the MAiZE at The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island

Have you gone to the Pumpkin Patch yet? We love going to the pumpkin patch every year as a family! We were so excited when The Pumpkin Patch invited us to check out their patch and get passes to The MAiZE and share our experience with you!

If you are following us on YouTube you may have already saw our great experience on our daily vlog. But if not check it out:


Off to try the #sauviemaize

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We checked out the amazing MAiZE design for this year and got ready to enter! I loved how they make the maze interactive with “Passport” cards that you can use to help you through. Their was about a dozen different Passports you could chose from.



Starting down corn maze. #sauviemaize View on Instagram

The boys instantly jumped into the fun and were impressed with the height of the corn!



Got it? #sauviemaize

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There were fun little stops throughout the maze including photo prompts, Cornundrums (fun picture puzzles), and bridges to see over the whole maze.



We got halfway through the maze. Candy Apple’s were a great find for our break. #sauviemaize View on Instagram

Halfway through the maze you can stop and take a break. We thought this was a good time to try some of the treats they offered and get a drink. The boys got their first candy apples and TJ got his favorite, an elephant ear. We jumped back into the maze and made our way to the end! This may have to be a family tradition now, the boys absolutely loved it!



After the maze we decided to jump on the hay ride and take a look at the pumpkin patch! After the hayride we checked out all the other attractions including the animal barn, the hay pyramid and more.


We had an amazing time at The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island. We would highly recommend visiting them and trying out all their great attractions!


Oh and the boys wanted share with you their Zombie Picture!! Happy Halloween!

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