One day I was on Periscope and I stumbled into Summer’s Twitter #NameYourDay Motivation Monday Periscope. I was intrigued as she explained how naming her day helped her focus her day and helped her stay positive through the day.

I thought what an amazing idea – to really look at what you had ahead of you for the day and create a focus to help you through it. I contacted Summer and asked her if we could do a collab and work on creating a challenge for the PS Challengers to help them create the habit of naming their day.

What is the Name Your Day Challenge?

The idea of Name Your Day is similar to the New Years resolution alternative to naming the year. The idea is that instead of focusing on overwhelming and intimidating task lists that you focus on what you would like the day to reflect.

“I take an inventory of my day and forecast any hurdles I have, be they personal, with my kids, or with work. Then I name my day accordingly. For instance, I struggle with motivation and analysis paralysis, so my words often reflect some sort of personal strength or motivation.” – Summer from Dirty Floor Diaries

How Do You Name Your Day?

Step 1: Take Inventory of your day!

What is on your calendar today? What challenges may you face?

Step 2: Name Your Day!

Choose a word that is positive and will help you remember how what your goal or focus is for the day.

Step 3: Write it Down!

This is important, you want to be able to see your word at a moment of stress and be able to stop and focus. Take a deep breath, meditate on your word, and ask God to help you make that word truth.

Word Ideas:

Balanced, Bright, Change, Clarity, Compassion, Confidence, Consistent, Content, Courage, Creative, Dare, Dream, Endurance, Faith, Family, Fearless, Flexible, Focused, Forgiving, Freedom, Friendship, Fun, Game-Changing, Giving, Grace, Grateful, Growth, Happy, Healthy, Humble, Journey, Joy, Learn, Love, Mindful, Open, Peace, Present, Release, Rest, Sassy, Savvy, Simplify, Spontaneity, Strength, Strong, Tenacious, Truth, Unstoppable

What if I Miss A Day?

That’s okay!! If you remember in the afternoon choose your word then. If you realize the next day just make your word from the previous day “Grace”. Give yourself grace.

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Let’s Encourage Each Other!


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Please Share the Challenge with Others

Feel free and download the image above and link it to this post or to the group. The more who join the more fun it will be. Invite your friends so they can help you stay accountable!

Free Printable #PSNameYourDay Journal Worksheet

You can also write your word on your planner or personal journal, but if you want I created this printable Journal Worksheet to track your words.


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So Are You Ready for the Challenge?
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Meet My Co-Leader Summer

Summer is the writer behind the blog Dirty  Floor Diaries. She is a mom of 3 children from 4 to 13 years old. She loves sharing their life and adventures through blogging and social media! Make sure and check her out!

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