Zaney had his Science Day and I think it went pretty well. I posted the pictures I took but I did video too. I need to edit the videos and have not found a good way of doing that so the photos will have to do.

Thursday: Science Day

10 Seeds in Each Apple

Every Apple has 5 Carpels in it’s core and each Carpel has 10 Seeds. I cut open an apple and we bother counted the carpels (arms of the star) and seeds. Zane was very good at counting but he liked eating the apple the best. Apples are his favorite.

Arbor Day

In the morning during our outside time we went for a walk and collected leaves from the trees we found. Then we were doing our activity time we stuck the leaves down on a paper with pre-drawn trunks. Then we made hand print trees on another paper with Zarek’s Hand, Zane’s Hand and Mommy Hand. We got to learn that there are many different kinds of trees.

Ants have 6 Legs

We made fingerprint ants learning that ants have three parts to there bodies. Zaney liked to make smeary ants the best. Then we used crayons to create six legs for each ant. Zane wanted to use the orange crayon for this since orange is his favorite color. Daddy called his ants Halloween ants. 🙂

Airplanes can Fly

Mommy showed Zane how to fold an airplane. He watched me very closely and tried to fold his own plane with his paper but it didn’t work. He loved watching the plane fly. Daddy laughed at Mommy’s plane though because it liked to make nose dives. So Daddy helped Zane redo his airplane so it flew really well.

We have also been reading books with A’s in them and listening to A songs like Father Abraham, the Abcs, and The Ants go Marching. Daddy gave Zaney A related cookie cutters with his play dough on Science Day when Zane asked to play with the Play Dough.

We are still hoping that we will be able to do Craft Day. Since Mommy isn’t back to work yet we will probably get to add it in next week. Maybe she will keep looking for a few ideas for A crafts though.

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