Top 5 Apps for Impressing Other College Students


The rivalries of academia aren’t always on the fields. Sometimes battles of the wits are the most enthralling rivalries, and it can be a bigger blow to lose that than to see the football team botch it on a 20 yard kick. So, here are some apps to help you look like you know more than you do to keep other students and professors impressed.



Pop culture is one the chief social tools every student has at their disposal, so it can be panic inducing to miss out on something. With the official IMdB app, you can easily stay in the loop and even spout out info your cohorts will be stunned by.

Field Trip

field trip

Field trip is a great way to show you know everything about anywhere you go. This app automatically pulls up information about landmarks you’re near that gives you history, trivia, and all sort os useable (and impressive) information about the sites. The best part is, you don’t have to launch it. It comes up of its own accord.

Google Search

google search

This one might be obvious, but it is invaluable. The built in knowledge graph gives you quick access to everything from weather to how tall the highest underwater mountain is. It also helps you plan what’s nearby so you can always look like the chief local expert. If you’re not using this app on a regular basis, it’s time to reconsider.



Wikipedia is by numerous accounts one of the most extensive collections of human knowledge. Having the official Wikimedia branded application gives you quick access to all of the info and makes you look like a walking encyclopedia (which, in a vague sense, is kind of true).

Google Currents


Currents is a great way to stay up to date on news and current events from multiples news sources all at once. Instead of downloading the dedicated new apps from other sites, they can all be easily accessed in one app, making you look not only intelligent, but also aware and extremely current.


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