Twilight App Review


One thing you will here from experts is that looking at a screen before bed will hinder your sleep. The basic idea is that blue light disrupts your sleep cycle. But how many of us lay in bed looking at our phones or tablets before going to bed?

If you love lots of science you can learn more here:

Troubles Falling Asleep?

I never really thought that reading and playing games (Candy Crush!) was effecting me, I fell asleep pretty quickly. After installing Twilight I hit the bed and open my Kindle book and am asleep in two seconds! My tablet/phone use must actually be effecting me and I didn’t even realize it.

TJ, the Android Dad, also has tried Twilight and he feels like it really helps him as well.

So if you can’t be off your phone at least an hour before bed then I would recommend trying out Twilight.


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