Zarek Maddax was born 3/9/09 @ 12:57PM, he weighed 8 pounds and 1 ounce and was 18 1/2 inches long.

Two Zees in a Pod

Zane loves his baby brother. He came to visit us every day in the hospital and he would come running into the room going “Baby, Baby” and go straight to the bassinet. He loves to help with him. When Zane finds a binkie for him he tries to give it to him and when Zane finds a blanket he puts it on Zarek. He’s good about bringing a bottle over if we ask or a spit up rag.

On TJ’s first try to get them both in the car. He tried to get Zane to go out first and Zane wouldn’t leave without Zarek. He even ran over to the car seat and started dragging it along himself.

Here are some pictures of Zane and Zarek together:

Zaney Update

Zane is doing really well he is learning his colors and he can count up to 5 really good and sometimes up to 10. He can also recognize squares, circles, triangles and his favorites stars. He is now set up in his big boy bed (a toddler bed) because we realized I would really be able to lift him in bed once TJ went back to work. He is adjusting to the bed really well and rarely gets out when he isn’t supposed to. He actually seems to be sleeping better.

Here are some pictures of Zane from January:
Zane Pics

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