WFMW: Muffins Strategy

Put the Lime in the Coconut Muffins

I think through the holiday season I am going to make sure I always have some muffins made up. As you can see my new obsession right now is muffins. I’m not much of a cook or baker but I’m trying to stretch myself and I have decided to do it one dish at a time. I’ve gotten really good at muffins and have found some great recipes along the way.

Why did I start making muffins? I had some old bananas that had gone bad and as usual I was feeling guilty about it. So I was going to make banana bread. I got everything mixed up and realized I don’t have a bread pan, what was I thinking. But I had won a muffin pan set a few years ago and left over muffin cups from Zane birthday so I poured the batter into that. And that is how Zane started on his muffin addiction.

Zane is the muffin prince! He loves muffins. He cannot get enough muffins. They can be any flavor or shape and he will eat them. We have even called non-muffin items, special muffins and he chomps them down, too. LOL

Muffins are a great toddler treat. They work for me in a pinch when I need a quick breakfast or a quick snack. I have savor and healthy recipes to supplement into his diet when he is not wanting to eat healthy. And for a bonus most of the muffins I make for Zane are not super messy.

How will muffins Work for Me this holiday?

  • Quick and easy snack/breakfast to grab as we rush out the door
  • I can get my toddler to eat something healthy when surrounded by sugar
  • Great last minute gift for a hostess, teacher or neighbor
  • Great treat to bring to a potluck

The one recipe my husband requests the most is Put the Lime in the Coconut Muffins. I found it when I wanted to use up a bag of coconut in my pantry. These are the best even though they are a little messy, mmm, toasted coconut everywhere. And they are great when you are looking for something out of the ordinary when you get tired of holiday food.

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