What is Pepper Planning to Eat? (Menu Plan August 26th)

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Menu Plan

This week I’m focusing on eating better and I know to do that I need to have my lunches planned, so I am making bentos again this week. Dinners are a bit up in the air as I’m starting on another job and have multiple outings this week.

Let’s Stay Accountable on Instagram

Share what you are eating and I will share what I’m eating! Let’s keep each other accountable this week. I will be using hashtag #menuplan to mark my meals that are on my menuplan.

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The Menu:


  • Monday: Edamame with Strawberries & Cottage Cheese (309 calories)


  • Tuesday: Spinach Salad with Egg
    bentos 827

1 cup spinach, grape tomatoes, egg, Babybel White Cheddar, 2 tablespoons low calorie Asian dressing, 1 teaspoon Hemp Hearts, and 1/2 cup grapes. (262 calories)


  • Wednesday: Meat Roll Up Bento

bentos 827_3


4 ounces chicken lunch meat, 2 mini cucumbers, 2 mandarin oranges, and 1/2 cup cottage cheese. (280 calories)

  • Thursday: Green Bean & Hummus Bento

bentos 827_1


Single serve hummus, green beans, 1 Babybel White Cheddar, and 1/2 cup grapes. (290 calories)

  • Friday: Meat Roll Ups with Cheese Bento

bentos 827_2


4 ounces chicken lunch meat, 2 mini cucumbers, madarin orange, 1 slice cheddar, and 1 slice swiss. (307 calories)

 What’s on your Menu this week?