Menu Plan


Last week I did a huge blog launch for my newest blog, a blog by my family: The Android Family! So I ate what I had on hand and didn’t do Bentos. I really missed having them! This week it was a must to get back to the Bento making!


For Mother’s Day my Mom got me a Costco card, (she always gets me something since having my first baby she is so sweet). I’m loving it! But I’m trying to be really good and make sure that I portion snacks out. I got a huge bag of kettle popcorn for when I want crunchy snacks and I made a point of making snack sized bags.

My favorite find at costco was Morning Star’s Chipolte Black Bean burgers! I was living off those last week while I blogged 12 hours a day. They are so good and I’m eating them in so many different ways. Last week I had one with cheese and another with greek yogurt and avocado on top. You will see I will be eating them this week in my bentos!

The Menu:



  • Wednesday: Recipe Experiment
  • Thursday: Hot Dog Bento


  • Friday: Light Jamba Juice with Protein
  • Saturday: Walking Lunch
  • Sunday:  Eat Out


Monday: Chilpolte Black Bean Burger with Taco Greek Yogurt Dip


Chilpolte Black Bean Burger with Taco Greek Yogurt Dip (1 tablespoon greek yogurt with a dash of homemade taco seasoning), sweet peas, and raspberries. (286 calories)

Tuesday: Turkey & Swiss Roll Ups

DSC_13222 ounces turkey deli meat, 2 slices swiss cheese, 3 ounces sweet peas, 1/2 cup strawberry slices, and 2 ounces grape tomatoes (270 calories)

Wednesday: Hot Dog & Laughing Cow Wedge


1 hot dog, 1 wedge Laughing Cow light swiss, 2 ounces grape tomatoes, and watermelon (270 calories)

Thursday: Chipolte Black Bean Burger on Kale 


Chipolte Black Bean Burger, 1.5 ounces kale, strawberries, 1/4 cup cucumber slices, and 1 wedge Laughing Cow light swiss. (305 calories)

Friday: Daddy Brings Dinner Home

Saturday: Enchilada Chicken

Enchilada Chicken

Sunday: Church Potluck

 What’s on your Menu this week?




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