What is the Best Android Phone for Periscope

What Is The Best Android Phone for Periscope

There have been a lot of Periscope users that have been switching from #TeamAndroid to iPhone, but today I’m going to share some of the top Android phones that you may want to consider when upgrading your phone for Periscope. I want to send out a big thanks to AT&T for helping me share this video with you by providing a lot of these phones for me to share with you.

HTC One M9

This is one of my favorite phones I have gotten to try out, you can read my comparison of the HTC M9 & M8. This phone does get very hot when you are Periscoping which is noticable with the metal body. The camera is great front and back, especially for low light.

Samsung S6 Edge

I personally did not like the Edge feature on the Samsung S6, but I recommend trying it out. The cameras on the Samsung S6 are great though! One thing you will notice in the video is that I did touch the mic and it can cause sound issues so be aware of that. I found with the Edge that it was hard to hold it without touching buttons so that may have been why I touched the mic.

Nexus 6

My husbands phone worked pretty good for Periscope. I was pretty happy with how well this phone compared to the S6 and the HTC One.

Nexus 9 Tablet

Okay so this video has an audio lag!! But I still wanted to show you the video so you could see the quality of the cameras. I think that the lag was either another app interfering or Periscope. This was happening with my tablet, but now seems to be performing better now. I would do some of your own tests before settling down with this tablet for periscope. But I do think it is a good option if you need a second backup device.


This test was done at a different time as I had it while I was working on this post and wanted to add it in. I think this was my favorite phone for video quality. Especially since I was in an area in my house I don’t get the best WiFi connection.

Before You Buy a New Phone for Periscope

Buying a new phone is not the first step to troubleshooting any scoping issues you may be having. Make sure you test your WiFi before you buy a new phone. If you WiFi connection is poor a new phone will not help you.

What phone are you using for your scopes?


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