As you may have noticed if you visit here often that I’m losing weight. On top of that I’m going to an entrepreneur event today so that meant I needed to go shopping!

I decided I wanted to wear my Target leggings which are super comfy and cute. I have them in gray and black not sure which I’m going to wear.

I wanted to add my striped cardigan from Lane Bryant, because I think it’s cute, it’s not too heavy or too light and it hides things.

But after those two items, I had nothing! Most of my shirts are worn, too loose, too tight, or proof that I’m a Mom with tiny hand prints gracing them. I couldn’t show up in just leggings and a cardigan sweater!

I ran out to the mall, the boys (hubby included) played in the play area while I shopped. I finally found what I needed a cute fuchsia top that I had eyed Lane Bryant’s website and loved! I quickly snapped it up. I also ordered it in teal blue and grabbed up some needed cute panties to be able to use my $25 off $75 coupon.

Did I mention that my fuchsia shirt matches my business cards! I know I’m crazy like that.

But alas my shoes were in no shape after a very long, wet winter. I pouted to my hubby and bribed him to take me to DSW shoes, which was my first time there. As we parked he asked me if I could be done in five minutes. Really?

But I flew through the store and found the perfect spring/summer shoe. It will work for dress up or dress down, I got it in black so it will go with everything! On top of that they are so super comfy! It’s been a long time since I bought a pair of designer shoes. I have to take good care of them, so hubby sees I just need to buy nicer shoes, that I go through shoes like crazy because they are cheap!

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Pepper Ferguson

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