What will I do with less weight?

69/365 - food diary.

The other evening I was chatting with a friend and she asked me what was on my bucket list. A few days later I found this post I had started writing  last May as I was really starting my weight loss journey. Today I am going to add a couple items, cross off a couple items, and share it with you.

As I wait for the months to go by I decided to make a list of things I would like to do when I have lost weight. Some of these may just be after a little weight some of these may be after a lot of weight loss. But either way I thought they may be good motivators.

For Myself

  1. Buy an outfit in the store at Old Navy
  2. Buy an outfit at H & M
  3. Take a photography class by myself
  4. Buy a whole new wardrobe
  5. Go horseback riding again
  6. Go to Europe
  7. Try doing Couch to 5K
  8. Get a pair of tall boots
  9. Get a tattoo when I loose 100lbs


  1. Have new family photos done
  2. Take the boys to Disneyland
  3. Take the boys to Disney World
  4. Go to Hawaii for the first time
  5. Walk to church every weekend
  6. Try taking a dance class with TJ


  1. Take the boys to the play area by myself
  2. Add park trips for the boys every week in the summer!
  3. Walk boys to Bible Study every day
  4. Find 5 healthy meals the boys will eat
  5. Walk Zane to school


  1. Find someone to go walking with and not worry about holding them back
  2. Have a list of friends on MFP to cheer me on
  3. Go shopping with my friends at the same store
  4. Share clothes with a friend

What’s on your “bucket list”? What’s on your weight loss goal list?


  1. Alyssa
  2. raenze
  3. Aldreda
  4. Tinnah
  5. Ynna
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