I’m following a post from one of my favorite blogs Mozi Esmé.

Here’s how it works – Google your name followed with a verb like “needs.” I would recommend editing anything rated R. Copy the first few results and add your own commentary. Here is what Zane Loves:

  1. Zane loves Alanna – Wow Zane already has a girlfriend?
  2. Zane Loves to Laugh! -Oh how my little boy does love to laugh!!
  3. Zane love trains – You know I don’t think Zane has ever seen a train, but I’m sure he would love one if he saw one. He loves cars.
  4. Zane loves Jesus – Oh I hope so hope so. He enjoys when we say his prayers at night and talk to Jesus.
  5. Zane loves his new toys – Today we got crayons. We loved crayons and got very upset when we had to stop playing with the crayons.
  6. Zane loves his silverware! – Ah, Zane so loves his silverware. Just this evening we finished dinner, but we hadn’t finished with our silverware. We were running around the living room with our little plastic fork.
  7. Zane loves his (dairy free) ice cream cone! – Zane can even say “I-ce” when he is eating his ice cream, though we have never tried dairy free ice cream.
  8. Zane loves him some spaghetti – Actually the vote is still out on spaghetti. Sometimes Zane thinks the long strands of pasta are weird and sometimes he thinks they are funny to try and shove in his mouth.
  9. Zane loves Amy’s House – Zane who are all these girls? And when were you at Amy’s house?
  10. Zane Loves me T-Shirt – You know everyone wants one! I definately do. I’m trying to teach him to say “I love you” I thought it would be adorable.

Now you try it!!

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