I was browsing through my old drafts when I ran across this post I never published. This was written a long time ago, I’m guessing in 2009 or 2010. I almost just deleted it, but then I opened it and smiled at the memories. It also inspired me to talk to you about how going through unfinished drafts is a great way to get inspiration when you have Writer’s Block.

The Old Post

I love to listen to my little boy talk. I love to dwell on his silly yet serious words. Here are some snippets of some of the things I have heard him say just recently.


Mr. Z: Orange Monkey, there a orange monkey.
I look at him as he lay on the changing table wearing his orange shirt.
Me: An orange monkey?  I think I see this orange monkey! I think you are the orange monkey. (I start to tickle him.)
Mr Z:  giggle


As I set Zarek down to play Zane starts yelling, “Zarek need bottle! Zarek need bottle!” In hopes that Zarek may not be allowed to play with “Zane’s” toys.


I love to listen to him sing with his music in his car seat as we drive down the road.


Zane was climbing all over the chair in our living room. He was saying, “We need our mouse-ka-tools, We need our mouse-ka-tools, Ohh, Tootles!!” (If you are not an avid toddler TV watcher then you may not know this is from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse aka Zane’s Favorite Show.)


At the doctor’s office we were looking at the fish, which Zane loves to do. Zane points to a big fish, “Daddy Fish”. He points to a smaller fish, “Mommy Fish”. He has been doing this for a month now with everything, but then he pointed to another smaller fish, “Andrea Fish”. Andrea is my best friends who Zane adores. LOL

Any car we pass that isn’t our car he goes, “Andrea’s car”. It can be any color, any size and it’s still, “Andrea’s car.”

The Challenge

If you are staring at your computer and you don’t know what to write about go into your old drafts. Don’t just look at the titles, open up the whole post and read them. You may not find a post that is just ready to hit publish on, but you may find a post that you can add to or edit and post. You may even look at an old post and get a completely new idea from it.

The idea is that reading your old writing may bring back a previous passion for blogging you had forgotten about.

How many old drafts do you have that you have never published? Have you ever published a post from years ago before?


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