WWFM: Dollar Store Cds

Zane is a huge music baby. It’s the strangest thing since he didn’t get it from Tj or me. We don’t even have a cd player in our house. TJ uses his Zune mainly for podcasts. But when you turn on music Zane is instantly calmed and quiet. Especially in the car.

He loves music in the car so much that as soon as he could make noises, he would complain when we would have anything on the radio besides “his” music. And somehow he can distinguish between my Christian Music, TJ’s Oldies, and his music. Sometimes he even complains if you have the same CD going for too long.

What Works for Me? The cheap $1 Cd’s from the Dollar Store. We have picked up a few real good finds there. Here are our top two favorites (you can even here the songs on the site): Kid’s Family Rhyme Time & Kids’ Fun Rhymes. The trick is to look at the song list make sure there is a good long list of songs on the CD (15 is good) and if it lists the run time on the CD you can see if how much music time you get before it repeats.

I know I could search the internet and find mp3s to download to burn to CD but it takes awhile to find them and collect them and then burn them on a CD. It was a nice find to find these few gems in the dollar store. Every time we go to the dollar store now I search through the bins and even this week we found four new CDs.

  1. Garfield Top 15 Silly Songs for Cool Cats
  2. Clifford the Big Red Dog Top 15 Sing and Learn Songs
  3. Top 15 Bible Songs for Kid
  4. Little Farmer’s Tractor Songs

We only bought three just because we really shouldn’t be spending too much money right now. And there were tons of the Clifford ones. So far we like them, my favorite is the Bible songs. The songs are shorter, but once they go through once we toss in a new CD.


  1. Pepper
  2. Pepper
  3. Pepper
  4. Pepper
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